Iwakuni City

"Kintai Bridge which spans the Nishiki River serves as a gateway."

Brief Introduction

Iwakuni City is located in the far east of Yamaguchi Prefecture on the border with Hiroshima Prefecture. With a modest population of around 100,000 inhabitants, the city faces the Seto Inland Sea.

The standout feature of the city is the five-arched Kintai Bridge which spans the Nishiki River. It is the perfect spot for to feel the spirit of western Japan. The bridge serves as a gateway to several cultural points of interest.

Iwakuni Castle is on the summit of Shiroyama, with commanding views of the city and the Seto Sea. You can walk to the summit or take a short gondola ride to the top.

The Iwakuni Museum of Art and Kikkawa Museum are a near the Kintai Bridge and are filled with artifacts related to the city’s history. As you stroll along, pass by the parks and Japanese style gardens.

If festivals are your thing, the Kintai Bridge Festival in April is a colorful re-creation of the processions of Japan’s feudal past. The Nishiki River Water Festival in August is a night-time event that includes a finale of fireworks.

If food is what you are after then try Iwakuni-zushi; a layered form of sushi, that is sure to satisfy your appetite. How about lotus root? Iwakuni-renkon is a healthy treat that is served in a variety of dishes.

Compact and accessible, Iwakuni offers the best of Japan.