Ushimado Taxi


Ushimado Taxi Is a specialist in the region, offering both regular taxi service and taxi tours around the beautiful Ushimado district of Okayama Prefecture.


Refreshing 1 Hour Course

Experience the clear blue sky and the refreshing greenery of the Olive Garden. From the observatory, you can see the Seto Inland Sea, often referred to as the “Japanese Aegean Sea”. In summer, there are various marine activities such as sailing and sea kayaking, and in the fall there is a lively olive harvest experience and paella tasting.

Relaxing 2 Hour Course

Yumeji Takehisa was Japan’s leading painter, poet and designer. His love of gentle nature and beautiful mountain rivers is thought to be part of the inspiration for his art. Enjoy Yumeji’s artistry at his birthplace and the replica of his studio in Tokyo.

Wonderful 3 Hour Course

Ipponmatsu Observatory is a place where you can enjoy some great views. The beauty of the Seto Inland Sea is absolutely stunning. At the Osafune Sword Museum, you can take part in workshops that teach traditional techniques related to sword maintenance. Stroll through the historical and cultural town of Ushimado.



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