Chizu Town

"Voted one of the most beautiful towns in Japan"

Brief Introduction

There is so much to say about Chizu Town. Of course, it is fairly widely known to have been voted one of the most beautiful towns in Japan. That in itself is a great honor, as there are a countless number of beautiful towns throughout the country.

Chizu can be explained best from its two main components, namely, the town center and the surrounding forest. These aspects of the municipality illustrate the magic that is held within this special corner of eastern Tottori Prefecture.

No matter what direction you enter Chizu Town from, the fact that it is encircled by forest will become immediately apparent. In much of Japan, the forest is not readily accessible. This is not the case, however, in Chizu because there are roads that penetrate the forest, allowing you to be enveloped by a mystical environment of towering evergreen trees and flowing streams.

Turning to the center of Chizu, you find a town that is beautiful from the point of view of convenience, in that there are all the components necessary to live without having to venture out great distances for necessities. There is a great comfort that comes from being able to cover the entire center of town on foot yet feel that as you walk, the scenery is varied and changing.

As Chizu was a stop on the Inaba Kaido route that was used by regional lords on procession to Edo (today’s Tokyo), there is a district of Edo era buildings that includes structures that would have been used as accommodation.

The area near Chizu Station is full of Showa era charm and is the site of a rather well-appointed visitor’s center that is complete with rental bicycles and electric vehicles, not to mention a gift shop.

Chizu Town’s most beautiful spot is arguably the cherry tree-lined river promenade that becomes everyone’s favorite picnic locale in the spring.