Nanbu Town

"A town based under Mt. Daisen"

Brief Introduction

Nanbu is a town located in western Tottori Prefecture directly south of Yonago City on the border with Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture. As with all the cities and towns near or on the coast of this part of the prefecture, it lies at the base of Mt. Daisen.

If you had to choose one word to describe Nanbu Town, “harmony” might come to mind. The appeal of this peaceful corner of of Tottori Prefecture rests in its oneness with the natural environment to the point that nature is the attraction.

The parks, gardens, temples, shrines and villages are all fused with nature in a landscape that is so unfamiliar to many that it seems otherworldly. Some popular sights, events and activities in Nanbu Town include:

Tottori Flower Park

Take a free shuttle bus from Yonago Station to a world of flowers called Hanakairo. Located on a wide expanse of land with the majestic Mt. Daisen in the distance, you can spend a whole day in the gardens and greenhouses that cover the facility.


Kyaku Shrine (Forest of Totoro)

This unique shrine seems to pop up from nowhere when you approach it from the surrounding agricultural fields. Upon reaching the shrine, it is like something out of the Studio Ghibli animated film Forest of Totoro, which accounts for its nickname.

Akaiiwa Shrine

Akaiiwa or “Red Stone” Shrine is connected to the resurrection myth of the Shinto god Okuninushi.

Nanbu DanDan Festival

Dance performances and a festival food characterize this lively annual end-of-August event.


Nanbu Bicycle Rental and Country Touring

Take a 24-kilometer bicycle tour of the town and sample the fresh local produce and fish sold at local shops. See all the sights at your leisure.


Salamander Hunting and Preservation

Help with the local initiative to protect the endangered hida salamander through a workshop on their preservation and care.