Daisen Area

"Seafood, fruit and nature abound."

Brief Introduction

The Daisen area is defined by the overwhelming presence of its namesake, Mt. Daisen. This over 1700 meter high volcano, which dominates the landscape with its massive form, was in the past, off-limits to all except priests.

A formidable yet popular trekking challenge, the nature of its shape and the patterns of the local weather often serve to keep its summit out of sight due to cloud cover.

The towns of Daisen, Hiezu, Hoki and Nanbu are located on or near the slopes of Mt. Daisen and share in the culture of the majestic peak. The region is known for its natural beauty, agriculture and alpine lifestyle.

Daisen Town runs from the coast up into the inland sections of the mountain and is home to both fishing villages and alpine communities. It is also the location of many of the temples and shrines of the sacred mountain.

Heizu Village is a coastal enclave that with a high concentration of fine seafood restaurants, on account of its excellent access to fresh fish from the Japan Sea.

Nanbu is an inland agricultural town with a wonderful community atmosphere and easy accessibility from Yonago City. Visitors are welcomed to explore the town by bicycle and interact with local residents.

The cities of Yonago and Sakaiminato are also part of the greater Daisen region, with transport links making both municipalities easily accessible. The view of Mt. Daisen from the Yonago Castle Ruins offers the best angle of both the mountain and the surrounding landscape.

The Japan Sea coastline provides a stunning contrast to the silhouette of Mt. Daisen, which can be seen from almost any point from the western section of the road that runs along it.

If you approach Daisen from Okayama Prefecture via Hiruzen in Maniwa City, you can appreciate the extensive snow-covered mountains that extend into the distance.