Tottori Prefecture

"Experience the four seasons at their finest ."

Brief Introduction

Tottori Prefecture is home to some of the best beaches in Japan. Facing the Japan Sea, the pristine sand and warm summer waters are a popular gathering point for travelers from all over the country. Just take a look at the license plates of the cars in and around Tottori and you will see that tourists have come from far and wide.

Tottori City is the prefectural capital and location of the only sand dunes in Japan as well as the scenic Geopark Road, where cyclists, motorcyclists, and drivers are treated to undisturbed coastal views.

Kurayoshi City is known for its Japanese style spas but is getting increasing attention for Enchou-en. This Chinese style garden complex has been used in Japanese television and will make you feel as if you have stepped through a portal to China.

Mt. Daisen is a regional skiing mecca in winter and a hiking retreat in summer. The mountain dominates the landscape and its summit is often obscured by clouds.

Yonago City is on the western side of the prefecture and despite its relatively small population is very cosmopolitan and urban. The shopping available is on par with any major Japanese city. The castle ruins provide a brilliant view of the city and Mt. Daisen.

Sakaiminato is a small port city with a huge importance to international trade. It is the birthplace of Mizuki Shigeru, creator of the Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro comic and animation series. Sakaiminato also has ferry links to South Korea and Russia.

Of course Tottori Prefecture is full of picture post card towns and Chizu is a good example. Considered one of the most people towns in Japan, it is worth spending the day there exploring. Have a traditional meal and take home a classic square sake cup.

Visit Tottori, Japan’s home away from home!