Naruto City

"Where the tides meet to create whirlpools is Naruto."

Brief Introduction

Naruto City is located on the eastern tip of Shikoku island, and in the northeast corner of Tokushima Prefecture. Naruto City is a comfortably-sized city that has a number of great attractions—both natural and artificial—to satisfy both domestic and international visitors.

The attraction that Naruto City is best known for are the Naruto Whirlpools. Humorously referred to as “nature’s washing machine” by some visitors, the giant whirlpools are a result of differing levels of water between the Seto Inland Sea and the Kii Strait during times of tidal fluctuation. The result is magnificent whirlpools that may be viewed from above, on the Onaruto Bridge promenade with its glass-paneled floors, or from sightseeing boats that cruise right up next to the whirlpools. They are best viewed in spring and fall when tidal fluctuations are the most drastic.

Japanese culture aficionados will enjoy Naruto City’s wide selection of cultural and historical sites which include several beautiful temples on the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage, the reconstructed Okazaki Castle and surrounding Myokensan Park.

The Naruto German House commemorates the German prisoners-of-war who were relocated to Naruto City during World War I. The remains of village they built there are still visible and continue to intrigue both locals and visitors.

Summer also brings the Naruto Awa-Odori festival and dance parade. Thousands of spectators attend the early August event to witness performers in colorful kimono and their enchanting movements.

Art lovers will enjoy a trip to the Otsuka International Art Museum, which features a large collection of high-quality  reproductions of famous works rendered on high-tech and ultra-durable ceramic tiles.

In Naruto City and the outlying areas, you can enjoy a great selection of fresh seafood, especially sea bream and yellowtail, and fruits and vegetables specific to the region, including Naruto sweet potatoes and “sudachi”, a small green citrus fruit used to flavor Japanese sake and cocktails.

Come and enjoy the best of Shikoku, right in Naruto!