Tamashima Port Walking Tour

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Discover the architecture of Tamashima and capture unique images. Take an unguided walking tour and find the points of interest with your camera. The eclectic buildings and signage merge together making every step, every angle, and every shot a moment in time.

Nakagai Town Street

This street sits on the old Sanyo road where you will find four old merchant businesses that have been in operation from the late 18th century and are still practicing traditional manufacturing processes. Here you can buy products or tour the businesses to see how things were done centuries ago.

Tamigawa River Locks

These river locks date back to over 350 years ago, making them some of the oldest in Japan. Although they may not be as impressive as the locks you can find along the River Avon in England, they do certainly show that there were skilled engineers in this part of the world. You can still see the original inserts along the river walls, see how the river levels changed to give passageway from the Takahashi River to the Seto Inland Sea, and discover the different Japanese architectural asymmetrical lock frames.

Haguro Shrine

Situated at the top of a hill looking down towards the old street, Haguro Shrine is considered to be one of the most important shrines in this area. When it was originally built it was surrounded by water. It was a place people came to pray for medical relief from the Gods. The shrine is surrounded by stone pillars that are marked with the established family names of the area. What makes this shrine unique are the elaborate designs on the ceiling of medicinal herbs and the very unusual ghouls on the roof of the shrine. Don’t forget to find the special bonsai tree that has been shaped like a heart. Buy a heart-shaped wooden plaque and write a message for your loved ones.

Old Shopping Street

This small shopping street is not for shopaholics but more for people who enjoy looking at antique objects, savoring the mixture of old Japanese goods and personal collections ranging from art deco to retro to bric-n-brac.You can experience meeting and talking with locals whose shops have been in the area for over 100 years and bring to life this sleepy old town.

Saiso-tei Residence

This is the old residence of the Yunoki family. This family served as leaders for the Tamashima area on behalf of the feudal lord of Bitchu Matsuyama Castle, which is located up river in Takahashi City.  As the main gateway port to the Bitchu Province, the importance of Tamashima  as a center of business can still be seen in the streets where large merchant houses still stand, many of which are still privately owned by the families who built and operated as merchants 350 years ago.

Saiso-tei Residence has a number of rooms and spaces that will surprise you if you have never seen an old residence of this era. Another sign that the family who lived in this house were important is the inclusion of a tea room. One might think the tea room was for children from the height of the entrance and room itself. The height of the entrance is about 140cm which was the average size of most Japanese of the day. This quaint tea room is situated on a slight slope, looking over a sculptured garden with a small stream that runs through the property.


JR Okayama Station to JR Shin-Kurashiki Station >> Catch local bus to Tamashima Old District Area >> Take a guided tour of the historical spots >> lunch >> Visit local sake, Japanese washi making shop >> Bus back to JR Shin-Kurashiki Station >> Catch train to JR Okayama Station.

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