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Shodoshima 2 Day Tour

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Photographer | Takuma Kimura
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We recommend the following locations:

Angel Road
Angel Road is a sand road that appears from the sea at low tide twice a day. It is said that if you cross the road while holding the hand of a loved one, an angel will come down from heaven and grant your wish. Known as a “Holy Place for Lovers”, it is a very romantic place. The land bridge actually connects the main island of Shodoshima with its vastly smaller counterpart Yoshima Island. Yoshima is uninhabited and is administered by Kobe YMCA. If you complete the journey along the road you will find yourself among merry-making campers. Enjoy a unique experience but just remember to make the return trip before high tide!

Kankakei Gorge
Kakakei Gorge is the result of volcanic activity on Shodoshima Island 13 million years ago, and the area boasts magnificent scenery. Kankakei is one of the top 3 most scenic ravines in Japan. The difference in elevation on the ropeway ranges from 317 meters to 917 meters and fills visitors with a sense of thrill and an awe for the mystery of nature, while providing a panoramic view of the islands sky, sea, and canyon. From fresh green in spring, deep green in summer, autumn foliage, to winter’s silence, visitors can enjoy an ever-changing view of the four seasons.
The gorge is located in the middle of the island. The ropeway runs between two stations: a basic lower station, and an upper station with gift shop and restaurant. The upper station is near the island’s highest peak and has observation decks with fantastic panoramic views over the gorge, the island, and the Seto Inland Sea.

*Business hours depend on season.

–March 21st~October 20th, December 1st~December 20th: 8:30~17:00
–October 21st~November 30th: 8:00~17:00
–December 21st~March 20th: 8:30~16:30

* A one-way ride is approximately 12 minutes.

Shodoshima Olive Park
The Shodoshima Olive Park began in 1908 with one tree. Since then, the park has surpassed its 100 year anniversary and has expanded greatly in size. Shodoshima Olive Park is located on the Southern side of the island, and with its proximity to the Seto Inland Sea, has a very mediterranean feel and commands a stunning view.
The garden boasts a windmill, which was a gift from Milos, Greece. There is also a small museum with displays that teach about the history and cultivation of olives on the island, a restaurant, a cafe, and gift shops. The park is a working olive park, and a variety of food, health, and beauty products are produced and sold at the park.
The park also offers a variety of olive- and herb-related craft workshops, including potpourri, herb salt, and wreath and swag making. Price varies depending on the workshop; reservations required.

Nakayama Terraced Rice Fields
Located in the center of Shodoshima Island, the Nakayama Terrace Rice Fields are a must-see location in warmer months. The fields have been selected as one of the Top 100 Terraced Rice Fields in Japan, and the view is especially beautiful at dawn and at sundown.
The fields reflect the rural history of the region, and are thought to have been built between the 14th and 17th centuries. The rice fields are worth a visit between the end of April and the end of September.
Nearby, and outdoor Kabuki stage can be seen, where performances are held several times a year since the Edo Period (1603-1868)

Choshikei Monkey Land
This monkey park in the center of Shodoshima Island is home to two troupes of approximately 500 Japanese macaques. The monkeys roam the park and the mountain freely. Attractions include a trained monkey show twice a day. Visitors are allowed to feed the monkeys from inside of a cage.

Although the monkeys are used to humans and are generally mild tempered, we advise visitors to keep a secure hold on bags, cameras, and other hand-held items.
Do not offer food to the monkeys outside of the designated feeding times / location.
Public bus service was discontinued to the monkey park in 2010; to get there, please use taxi, charter bus, or car.

Maze Town
In the town of Tonosho, the streets form a complicated maze of narrow and twisting roads. The roads were made in a maze formation to protect residents from both pirates and strong sea wind coming from the Seto Inland Sea. There is an art museum and several cafes in the town, and seasonal events throughout the year are also held.
Take in the warm atmosphere and the beautiful scenery, which includes the a gigantic alabaster statue of the goddess Kannon who is said to protect seafarers on their journeys. You might catch a glimpse of a Japanese macaque in the hills above the town.

Shodoshima Art Exhibitions:

Cradle by the Sea – Artist is Nobuho Nagazawa
The Secret of Hanasuwajima – Artist is Kana Yoshida
Tsugi-Tsugi-Kintsugi – Artist is Masayuki Kishimoto


Day 1: (Okayama >> Shodoshima Island, Kagawa)
Arrive at JR Okayama station. Catch the Okaden Bus (OKADEN BUS and FERRY SCHEDULE) from JR Okayama Station to Shin-Okayama port. Catch the ferry from Shin-Okayama port to Tonosho port on Shodoshima Island. Check-in to Hotel Ohkido which is about 1 minute walk from the port. Upon arriving at the hotel, please confirm the time at which you want to start the 3 hour taxi tour. Your private taxi tour will take you to key historical, cultural and nature spots, returning you to the hotel afterwards. Dinner service starts from 17:30pm ~ 21:00pm at the Hotel Ohkido Restaurant.

Day 2: (Shodoshima Island, Kagawa >> Okayama)
After breakfast at your hotel, check-out is at 10:00am. If you want to continue to explore the island, you can leave your luggage with the hotel until the ferry departure.


++ If your tour falls on a Friday, Saturday, a Japanese National holiday or the day before, there is a hotel surcharge of 2,000 JPY
per person.

++ Entry into other sightseeing locations not included in the itinerary is the responsibility of each member of the tour group.



Cancellation Policy

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