Dedicated to the life and creative works of the legendary comic artist

Mizuki Shigeru Memorial Museum

Photographer | Takuma Kimura


The Mizuki Shigeru Memorial Museum is dedicated to the life and creative works of the legendary comic artist and writer. The museum is located in Sakaiminato City, where Shigeru spent his formative years. Before examining the contents of this repository of the artist’s work, it is important to have a clear understanding of the man himself.

Mizuki Shigeru was greatly affected by his experiences as a soldier in the Japanese army during World War II. Stationed in New Guinea, He suffered from malaria and later lost his left arm as a result of injuries incurred from Allied bombings. The horrors of war and the need for its eradication would come to feature prominently in the author’s work upon his return to Japan.

Shigeru went on to publish all manner of comics catering to all ages though the “manga” format had its greatest appeal to young people. He wrote about war, history, fantasy and of course the supernatural realm.

The museum documents the transformative journey that Shigeru took from childhood to adulthood and marks his development as an artist. Copies of his work, some of which have been published in several languages are on display.

There are several installations depicting scenes of his master creation, Gegege No Kitaro placed around the museum. This comic and animated series is probably Mizuki Shigeru’s best known work, telling the tale of a fantastic spirit world where the characters come to terms with everyday moral lessons.

Perhaps the most poignant section of the museum is the area that contains Shigeru’s personal possessions. His shoulder bag, glasses, passport, camera and hat stand out as having been objects that would have been near and dear to him. A glass partitioned corner has been set aside to replicate his office in Tokyo. Inside, a wall of books, a radio-cassette player, a clock-radio and writing implements give visitors a look into the grand life of Mizuki Shigeru, an artist shaped by war who went on to promote peace.

Access: Take the Yakumo Super Express train from JR Okayama Station to JR Yonago Station. Take the JR Sakai line from JR Yonago Station to JR Sakaiminato Station. About a 10 minute walk from Sakaiminato Station to Mizuki Shigeru Memorial Museum.


About the Area

Western Tottori Prefecture is packed with places to go activities to experience. You can start up in the mountains of Daisen Town and of course make your way to the summit. On a clear day you might even be able to see the Korean peninsula in the distance.

Visit all the temples that are associated with Daisen-ji Temple and take part in their annual activities.Take a tour and treat yourself to a meal at one of the many fashionable restaurants to recharge your batteries before continuing on.

Nearby Heizu Town is a compact seaside enclave where you can spend the day learning about their interesting community. It is also a prime spot for delicious seafood.

Sakaiminato is a classic Japanese port city where angling is alive and well. Stop by the docks for a look at the colorfully flagged ships before they set out to sea.

Another important aspect of the city is the life and work of famed comic artist and writer Mizuki Shigeru. Walk down Mizuki Shigeru road and encounter many of his ghoulish creations.

Yonago is the urban center of the Sanin region and a hot spring destination as well. Some visitors come to the city just for the spas and the ornate traditional multi-course meals.

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