A ride into nostalgia

SL Yamaguchi-go Steam Train

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Trains are an integral part of Japanese society and have been so for hundreds of years. Rail lines connect the entire country, from local commuter trains to the high speed bullet train that links the nation from east to west.

Steam engines once dominated the locomotive landscape in Japan but over time, progress dictated change and gas, electricity and even batteries have taken over. Many of the steam engines that were so crucial to opening up the countryside now sit in designated spots around the country as museum pieces. However, there are a few exceptions.

The SL Yamaguchi-go is a beautiful deep black iron steam engine train that is in limited operation between JR Shin-Yamaguchi Station and JR Tsuwano Station. Running from the end of March to the beginning of November, this retro train line is a favorite for those who want a slow look at the rich countryside of the western Chugoku area.

The start of the SL Yamaguchi-go season is a festival in itself. Brass bands from local schools come out to herald the a new year of service for the train. It is quite a spectacle with train enthusiasts and entire families coming out for a ride on one of the special coaches pulled by the engine.

Decorated with a Meiji era interior that is reminiscent of 19th century European trains, you can experience the sights and sounds that are only possible on a steam locomotive. The toot of the whistle and the slow yet persistent churning of the pistons of the engine turn up the level of excitement as passengers gaze out the windows of this luxurious train.

The two hour journey takes you through the lush mountains and valleys of Yamaguchi and Shimane Prefecture and finally to the historic town of Tsuwano, where you can continue to experience the best of West Japan.


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