Shurijo Castle Park is enlarging opened area from December 12th (Thursday).

Shuri-jo Castle Park- JNTO

December 11, 2019


Information about the fire at Shurijo Seiden.

We express deepest apology to the neighbor residents, guests, and persons involved about the fire.

Shurijo Castle Park (including its facilities) has been partially opened from November 5th (Tuesday).

From December 12th (Thursday), facilities in Shurijo Castle Park such as Kankaimon, Kyukeimon, Kofukumon, Iri-no Azana, and Zenikura will be re-opened due the result of the safety check and the recovery check.
2.6 hectares will be opened this time, and current opened areas have become 9.8 hectares in total. (Opened area before the fire was 11.9 hectares. Therefore 80% have been re-opened.)
*Some areas are still closed.
*Shurijo Castle Park parking lot is available.

Opened Facility, “Suimuikan”, is a Rest Center, which has General information center, restaurant, cafes, shops, and parking lots.
*We update information about reopen depending on the facility condition.

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