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Without a doubt, the Imabari Towel company produces the most luxurious and highest quality towels in Japan, and these towels are offered to customers at the Imabari Towel Main Store. Customers are encourage to feel the towels and feel for themselves.

Imabari Towel began in the Taisho Period  and grew through the Showa Period, earning the city the nickname “Manchester of Shikoku” due to its rapidly increasing industry. Under the direction of Creative Director Mr. Kashiwa Sato since 2006, the Imabari Towel brandname and logo mark is attached only to items that pass strict quality controls. Items bearing the brandname and logo mark are guaranteed to be of the finest quality.

Imabari towels are known for the their high absorbency and soft touch on the skin.


Imabari is the second largest city in Ehime Prefecture. It incorporated several smaller surrounding towns and islands in a merger in 2010, and as such is a city that spans several islands. Its strategic location in the Seto Inland Sea resulted in the area being controlled by a variety of forces, including pirates, throughout history.

The main economies lie in shipbuilding and in towel manufacturing. Imabari City produces 60% of the towels in Japan. The Towel Art Museum demonstrates weaving processes and exhibits works of art made of towel fabric.

One point of interest is Imabari Castle. Built in 1604 near the Seto Inland Sea, Imabari Castle is unusual in that saltwater is used in the moat surrounding the castle. The castle is six stories, with an observation deck on the top floor and artifact displays rooms on the remaining levels.

Further inland, the Okudogo-Tamagawa Prefectural Nature Park has the Nibukawa Onsen, a hot spring resort located on along the Nibukawa ravine. The ravine is at its peak in the autumn when the surrounding trees turn bright red and gold.

The Kurushima-Kaikyo Bridge connects Imabari with Hiroshima Prefecture via the Shimanami Kaido Sea Route. The bridge consists of three continuous suspension bridges that connect several islands and which has a total span of 4km. The route is popular with visitors walking or cycling across the bridge and enjoying the scenery.

Some other sites of interest on the islands that belong to Imabari City include Oyamazumi Shrine on Oshima Island, a 1,000-year-old shrine that houses a camphor tree over 2,600 years old; and the Ito Toyoo Architectural Museum and the Tokoro Sculpture Museum, which features work by several international artists. Omishima Island houses a wisteria park and a contemporary art museum; Hakatajima Island is famous for producing sea salt, but also has a shrine and a history park.

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