Matsue City

"Matsue Castle, one of only 12 original castles remaining in Japan."

Brief Introduction

Matsue City is the capital city of Shimane prefecture and is located on the northern edge of the prefecture on the Shimane Peninsula. It is also the largest city in the Sanin region, which lies on the Japan Sea side of western Japan and which includes Shimane and Tottori prefectures. As such, it is easily accessible via a well-developed transportation infrastructure; one can travel to Matsue City by train, car, highway bus, or by air.

This tidy city boasts many wonderful attractions, including Matsue Castle, one of only 12 original castles remaining in Japan.The city has a selection of other historical and cultural attractions as well, including several samurai residences that are open to the public, Lafcadio Hearn’s residence and the Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum, guided boat rides in the castle moat, a peony garden, and a number of beautiful shrines and temples.

Vogel Park, one of the largest indoor gardens in the world, is another popular tourist destination. The park specializes in begonias, fuchsias, and bird shows including a falcon show and a penguin parade.

Despite its relatively small size, Matsue City is one of the first cities in Japan to welcome international visitors both historically and currently. In addition to being a lovely place to visit, it is also an important location for non-Japanese citizens and visitors alike.

Let Matsue work its quiet charm on you!