Masuda City

One of the best places to live in Japan

Brief Introduction

Masuda City has been named one of the safest all around cities in the country and that is saying something considering that Japan is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world. When you look beyond that accolade, you find a well-rounded city that has paid substantial attention to protecting its natural environment, promoting the arts and preserving its culture.

Natural environment

Enjoy the many beaches along the Japan Sea coast of Masuda City. Mochi-ishi , Kamate and Inoura  are three of the most popular beaches.

The Hikimi Gorge is stunning natural feature that branches off in several directions with waterfalls and streams all fed by the Takatsu River.


Manpukuji is a 900 year old Buddhist temple with a garden that was designed by the great painter-monk Sesshu over 500 years ago.

There two experiences that you should try at the temple, keeping in mind that advanced reservations are required. Have matcha green tea and cake as you gaze at the garden from one the halls at Manpukuji. Eat a medieval meal filled with the delicacies of feudal Japan.

Arts and culture

Masuda City is home to the Shimane Arts Center Grand Toit, which is a fantastic complex of a museum and a theater designed to spark the imaginations of its patrons. It is a performance and community arts space unlike any other in the Chugoku region.

Iwami Kagura is one of Hamada’s intangible cultural properties. The kagura is a performance for the gods that is meant to both entertain and invite. Filled with song, instrumentals and dance, variations of this spiritual art can be seen throughout West Japan. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to catch a captivating performance on the beach.

Access: Take Shinkansen from JR Okayama Station to JR Hiroshima Station. Take the Iwami Bus from the Hiroshima Shinkansen-guchi exit to Masuda JR Tsuwano Station.