Aba Village

"fairyland valley that borders Okayama Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture"

Brief Introduction

A quite village tucked away in a lush fairyland. Situated in the north edge of Okayama Prefecture bordering onto Tottori Prefecture. ABA Village and the people stand proudly as a beacon of community spirit, unity to preserve the lifestyle and history of a living village for Tsuyama City. As one of the designated 100 important villages of Japan is to create activities and sustainable community driven projects that will build a future for our children. To cherish nature, scenery, fresh air, forests, animals, culture of farming, food and craft for people to experience together with us.

By Train: Catch train from JR OKayama Sta. to JR Tsuyama Sta. >> transfer to Inbi Line >> Get off at Mimasaka Kawai Sta. >> Walk 30 minutes to the center of Aba Village.
By Car: Drive on Route 53 from Okayama City >> head through Tsuyama City heading towards Tottori Prefecture >> turn left onto Route 6 >> Drive about 30 mins where you will see a sign ABA, turn left and you will arrive in the center of Aba Village in 5 mins.
By Bicycle: You can rent a bicycle or motorized bicycle from the tourist center at JR Tsuyama Sta.
Bicycle Cost: 2 hours/400 yen, All day/1,000 yen
Motorized Bicycle Cost: 2 hours/600 yen, All day/2,000 yen