Aba Village

"Storybook landscape that borders Okayama Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture"

Brief Introduction

Aba is a quiet village tucked away in a lush storybook landscape on the northern edge of Okayama Prefecture on the border with Tottori Prefecture. The village and its people stand proudly as a beacon of community spirit, unified in the preservation of their way of life and history.

Now incorporated into Tsuyama City, it has been designated as one of the 100 important villages in Japan and is charged with creating activities and sustainable community driven projects for a secure future. The village mantra is to cherish nature, the scenery, fresh air, forests, animals, the culture of farming, local food and craft-making to insure they exist for generations to come.

After taking the time to visit Aba and enjoying the natural environment, consider staying for a few nights in order to appreciate life in the village. You will notice that there is a superbly slow pace to the lifestyle, which is characterized by people walking rather than driving to their intended destination.

When you wake up in the morning, you might see locals or visitors out for a walk past the old elementary school or down to the community center. You are more than encouraged to get out and explore every corner of the village while you are there.

One accommodation option is Aba Forest Park. Draped in the seclusion of tree-covered mountains and valleys, it features five well-equipped 6-person bungalows and 10 campsites.

By Train: Catch train from JR OKayama Sta. to JR Tsuyama Sta. >> transfer to Inbi Line >> Get off at Mimasaka Kawai Sta. >> Walk 30 minutes to the center of Aba Village.
By Car: Drive on Route 53 from Okayama City >> head through Tsuyama City heading towards Tottori Prefecture >> turn left onto Route 6 >> Drive about 30 mins where you will see a sign Aba, turn left and you will arrive in the center of Aba Village in 5 mins.
By Bicycle: You can rent a bicycle or motorized bicycle from the tourist center at JR Tsuyama Sta.
Bicycle Cost: 2 hours/400 yen, All day/1,000 yen
Motorized Bicycle Cost: 2 hours/600 yen, All day/2,000 yen