Tamano City

"A city of great art, great food, and great scenery."

Brief Introduction

Tamano City is a port town on the southern edge of Okayama Prefecture, but don’t expect a quiet fishing village. Although Tamano is a small city, it is known mainly for being home to Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding, which builds and maintenances some of the largest vessels on the sea, and the multitude of smaller factories and other suppliers that support the main shipbuilding facility.

Although it may sound un-scenic, Tamano City it anything but that. Nestled right up against the Seto Inland Sea, Tamano boasts the prefecture’s largest public swimming beach at Shibukawa. In addition to swimming in summer, special sporting events such as national beach volleyball and beach soccer competitions are held here.

Overlooking the beach, visitors and residents alike can enjoy the stunning view of the sea from the Ojidake Bluffs. The Ojigagake Bluffs are popular at sunrise and sunset but offer a great natural view any time of the day throughout the year; a multitude of walking paths leads out to boulders on the edge of the bluff.

Also noteworthy are the pieces of high quality contemporary art on public display in the downtown area at Uno Port; the pieces are part of the Setouchi Triennale 2014, but are on display year-round.

Additionally, Tamano City boasts the beautiful Miyama Park (with several cafes, a farmers’ market, hiking and walking trails, miniature and regular golf courses, a dog run, rent-a-cycle, an English garden, and seasonal events), the Eki-Higashi Artists’ Studios where visitors can see art being made, and B-class gourmet items such as “Ontama Meshi”, an award-winning fried rice dish topped with a soft-boiled egg and grilled eel.

Tamano City connects with Takamatsu City in Kagawa Prefecture and many of the surrounding islands via ferry, which is easily accessible from the downtown area. Stop by and enjoy great art, great food, and great scenery!