Shinjo Village

"A village voted one of the most beautiful in Japan."

Brief Introduction

Shinjo-son is an idyllic village in northeastern Okayama Prefecture which has been voted one of the most beautiful in the nation. With a small population and abundant nature Shinjo-son has established itself as the summer destination of choice for those looking to escape the heat and humidity of southern Okayama.

The village locals are well aware of this and have increased its attractiveness by increasing the amount of accommodation available for visitors and even building long term rental housing for those looking for a more permanent change. If you are interested take a look at the village’s website for more details.

Shinjo-son is famous for its forest and this has become an industry onto itself.  Forest therapy is a term that has been coined to describe the healing effect that visitors feel when they walk along the path that has been opened in the village’s pristine forest.

The village center is right out of a fairytale with buildings that speak to the independence it enjoys in an era when so many villages in Japan are joining larger municipalities. The village office is an example of this unique quality as it is a fusion of Japanese and Western architecture, offering a quaint picture postcard at any time of year.

Take a stroll through Shinjo-juku, a section of the Izumo Shrine Pilgrimage. The white lanterns lining the tree-lined walkway inspire a feeling of tranquility.

If you visit during spring, walk down Gaisen Cherry Blossom Street past the traditional Japanese houses with their earth-toned tiles. There is something magical about the delicate pink and white flowers when viewed against the backdrop of a town full of visitors excited by this fleeting moment.

Shinjo-son is Okayama’s summer home and fountain of rejuvenation. Recharge yourself at one of Okayama’s premier power spots. Make your way to Shinjo Village!