A highland plateau located in northern Okayama

Brief Introduction

Hiruzen or the Hiruzen Kogen area is a highland plateau located in northern Okayama on the border of Tottori Prefecture. This region stands apart from other destinations in Okayama due to its elevation and unique combination of natural beauty and agricultural importance.

As Hiruzen is situated at a cool elevation and is inland, the agricultural possibilities are more akin to what you would find in northern Europe, as opposed to the Mediterranean climate of lowland southern Okayama. This means that cattle farming is possible and Hiruzen excels in this industry. Jersey cows dot the landscape and provide not only a picturesque view but also a valuable source of revenue from the sale of delicious locally produced dairy products. Indeed, some tourists visit Hiruzen just for the ice cream!

The natural beauty of Hiruzen can be appreciated in many ways. Hiking is a favorite activity for those who come on a day trip or spend more extended periods camping. There are various forms of accommodation available, from rental cabins to hot spring resorts.