Maniwa City

"Maniwa should be called the city of flowers."


Brief Introduction

Located in northern Okayama Prefecture, Maniwa City is known for its green meadows, rolling hills and pasture land. The largest city in Okayama Prefecture by area, it is home to 50,000 residents who are more than willing to share their natural playground with visitors.

One of more well-known areas in Maniwa is Hiruzen, which has a ski resort, amusement park and pastures. In winter, the area is a magnet for winter sport enthusiasts who flock to the plateau to test the slopes. In the summer, people come to beat the heat and enjoy the locally produced dairy products. Of course, there is so much more on offer in Maniwa. Whatever the time of year, you can take a walk past the majestic Kanba Waterfall or relax in the healing waters of the Yubara Hot Spring district.

Katsuyama is known for its townscape of Edo era merchant houses, latticework warehouses and storefronts. You can feel the history as you walk through its streets. The town’s riverside location adds to its appeal, creating a picture postcard vista. Within the town you will find a traditional sake brewery and a fabulous restaurant inside a massive Edo era building. When you visit the town, make your way through the noren or Japanese-style shop curtain decorated storefronts and explore to your heart’s content.

Maniwa could be called the city of flowers. During the cherry blossom season the thousand year old Daigo Zakura cherry tree is a gathering place for picnics. The city is blessed with cosmos fields as well as other cherry trees lining the Asahi River. Foodies will love the local treats like Hiruzen yakisoba (fried buckwheat noodles), Hiruzen Okowa (sticky rice with vegetables and chicken) and dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and milk. Whether you are on a long vacation or simply taking a day trip, Maniwa City has something for you.