The Birthplace of Jeans in Japan

Brief Introduction

A formerly independent town located along the coast of the southern edge of Kurashiki City, Kojima is the birthplace of Japan’s jeans industry. In fact, there is a district of the town called “Jeans Street” that is dedicated to promoting local brands.

Jeans Street is actually a collection of over two dozen stores which represent their parent workshops, also located in Kojima. Within the town, you will also find factory outlets, museums and the factories themselves, many of which are open to tours with advanced reservations.

A port town with a wonderful townscape, Kojima is a great place for a stroll. Start from Kojima Station and explore the historic buildings that line the streets. There are parks, temples and shrines that are walking distance from the station, as well as ample opportunities to peruse the shopping scene.

Be sure to visit the Seto Ohashi Bridge, which starts in Kojima and extends all the way to Shikoku. There are lookout points near the base of the bridge where spectacular sunsets entice visitors from around the world.

The bridge, which dominates the landscape like no other artificial structure in West Japan, can be be viewed from a number of choice sites in Kojima Town. Mt. Washuzan Observatory offers the quintessential view of the bridge’s entire span, from Kojima in Okayama to Sakaide in Kagawa on the island of Shikoku.

The summit of Mt. Washuzan offers yet another impressive view, giving you a real perspective on not only the length of the structure but also its height.

The Ruins of Shimotsui Castle offer a unique perspective of the Seto Ohashi Bridge as well. It is somewhat more distant but just as geographically interesting.

The fishing village of Shimotsui gives you a look at the bridge from underneath in a quaint setting. You can add to the height of this vista by climbing the stairs to the local shrine.