Kibichuo Town

"The best of rural Okayama"

Brief Introduction

Located in central Okayama Prefecture, Kibichou Town is a mix of agricultural land and raw wilderness. There are places that seem untouched by time, found in the rural hamlets that dot the landscape and the otherworldly forests. The town also has quite an infrastructure of facilities that seem unlikely in such a setting. One such place is KIbikougen City, which is a town unto itself really, with schools, medical facilities, and a shopping area.

Kibichou Town has the distinction of being a popular choice for people looking to establish a second home in the countryside as well as a destination for those looking to restart their lives in a new and refreshing environment. You will see a rather eclectic mix of homes, from long cabins and other Western-style dwellings to traditional Japanese farmhouses.

The people of Kibichuo are largely self-sufficient when it comes to agriculture and everyday necessities so you will not find many of the mainstays commonly associated with modern Japan such as convenience stores and family restaurants. People produce for themselves and take things slowly, which is definitely part of the appeal of the region. Kayo Town could be considered the center of KIbichuo as many of the government offices are situated there. It is also the home of Kayo Roadside Station (Michi no Eki) which offers culturally focused workshops as well as a place for local farmers and producers to sell their products. It also has a great reputation as a place to park for the night if you happen to be traveling by car as it has well-maintained rest facilities and an EV charger for electric vehicles. Kibichuo Town is the essence of rural Okayama.

Access: Take the JR Hakubi Line from JR Okayama Station to JR Takahashi Station.Take the Bihoku Bus from JR Takahashi Station to Kibichuo Town.