Bizen City

Birthplace of the world famous bizen pottery

Brief Introduction


Bizen City is the cultural and historical gem of southeastern Okayama prefecture. Famous for its pottery, which shares the same name as the small city, Bizen is an old town that incorporates the ancient pottery town of Imbe as well as the Hinase and Yoshinaga districts.

Bizen pottery is unglazed and is made from a heavy, dark brown clay. Bizen pottery exemplifies the concept of wabi-sabi and is therefore popular with many tea ceremony and flower arrangement practitioners. You can try your hand at making your own piece of Bizen pottery, or enjoy perusing the numerous pottery shops. The Shizutani School is a must-visit location. It’s the oldest public school in the country, and the roof tiles are made entirely of Bizen pottery

The Hinase region is known for its delicious oysters and citrus fruit, as well as for beautiful sunsets over the Seto Inland Sea, while the Yoshinaga area is known for the historical Hattoji district, where you can enjoy the rustic village scenery.