Asakuchi City

"The city is cradled by the mountains, hills and rivers that define its landscape."

Brief Introduction

Asakuchi is a city in the southwest region of Okayama Prefecture that is an amalgamation of the very historic and traditional towns of Yorishima, Konko and Kamogata. They each decided to combine their strengths and create a municipality that can put everything that this region has to offer on full display.


Yorishima is a seaside town that has quite a reputation for its angler culture, with a fair number of locals continuing to earn a living from the sea. You can buy oysters directly from stalls set up along the coast.

Beachcomb, hike, barbecue, picnic and swim at Yorishima Gardens. This seaside park extends from mountains to the sea and includes some incredible coastline.


You can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia when you walk through the thriving town of Konko. It radiates outward from Konko Station and consists of shopping streets and tightly packed homes and storefronts in every direction.

Visit Konko’s Maruyama Park, which is a pleasant gathering place, nature reserve and play area for adults and children alike.


This district’s name comes the family that once ruled much of southwestern Okayama Prefecture under the authority of the Lord of Okayama Castle. A prosperous Edo era merchant town developed and today, the preserved townscape is a draw for visitors.

A few of Kamogata’s notable sights include:

Kamogata Machiya is a park and complex of archives that gives you a window into the sophistication of feudal life in the region. You could literally spend hours there relaxing in the park or going through historic artifacts. The surrounding area is also a perfect spot for a stroll.

Myou Ou-in is a remarkable Temple with an exquisite and a vast main hall. The facility also has a full-sized garden filled with pine and cedar trees as well as an eye-catching two-tiered pagoda.