Akaiwa City

"Akaiwa city is where peach tree groves are so expansive."

Brief Introduction

Akaiwa is a small agricultural city formed from the merger of several towns with a population of just over 42,000. Although a small city, Akaiwa has all the amenities you would expect to find in larger municipalities. The area near city hall is full of shops, restaurants and entertainment.

If Okayama is the land of the legendary “Peach boy” or Momotaro then Akaiwa is his city as the peach tree groves are so expansive, erupting in brilliant shades of pink when the flowers bloom in spring and the again when the fruit is harvested in autumn.

Yoshii Shiroyama Park in the Yoshii district is the home of castle ruins among impressive cedar trees which give a feeling of refreshment as you walk through the area.

Kumayama English Garden is a popular locale for walks and picnics as well as weddings. The garden hosts events of all kinds and the sheer beauty of the plants and flowers on its grounds make worth a visit.

Central Akaiwa is the home Doitsu no Mori or “German Forest” park. It is reminiscent of a German village square with the appropriate buildings to complete the motif. The small theme park produces beer and wine which you are free to take home as a souvenir. Visitors can also participate in workshops to learn how to make butter, ice cream, stone oven-baked bread or pizza, and sausages. Nearby, the Sapporo Wine Okyama Winery is a must-visit for tasting and learning about Japanese wine. Of course, Sapporo wine from the Okayama winery makes a great gift for yourself or your loved ones.

In the north of the city is Chi Arai waterfall which literally means “wash blood” in English. From a height of eleven meters, the water cascades over rocks and into a cool forest stream.

Perhaps the best time to visit Akaiwa is the spring because the cherry blossoms of Tsunagawa are in full bloom. Join the many visitors who come for a viewing by day or night.

Akaiwa has a lot to offer and is perfect for a day trip. Put Akaiwa City on your itinerary!