Okayama Kotsu Taxi


Okayama Kotsu is a transportation company with interests centered on taxi, bus and charter services. Established in 1944, it has been part of the industry landscape for over seven decades.

With more than 300 taxis in its fleet in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions of Japan, Okayama Kotsu forms the core of the over 100 year old Ryobi Group. The company is a leader in taxi business development from Tokyo to Onomichi City in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Okayama Kotsu has been a pioneer in Okayama ushering in new concepts in taxi, bus and charter services. For example, JPN Taxi (Japan Taxi) is currently in use within the company fleet and features next-generation universal design. Easy to get in and out of, it is spacious with ample headroom and is able to accommodate a wheelchair and a caregiver.

Okayama Kotsu’s fleet includes:

Regular-sized taxis 

Japan Taxi
Toyota Comfort
Toyota Prius
Toyota Sienta
Wonderful Setouchi Taxi

Mid-sized taxi

Toyota Crown Super Saloon 

Luxury taxis (charter)

Lexus LS
Toyota Crown Hybrid

Luxury minivan

Toyota Alphard Hybrid

Jumbo Taxi 

Toyota Hi-ace Olive
Toyota Hi-ace (black)
Toyota Hi-ace (silver)

Charter buses 

Light bus
Mid-sized bus
Large-sized bus
Super large-sized bus (Wonderful Setouchi)