Nikko Kanko Bus



Nikko Kanko Bus is a Tokyo-based subsidiary of Ryobi Group that offers small to large capacity charter services.


We will guide you from your current location to your desired destination. With a sufficient number of people, our price can be lower than the train.

Sightseeing Travel 

A veteran sales representative will also provide information on recommended sightseeing spots. We will also create a travel plan and an estimate if you wish.

Comfortable Travel 

If you are not sure about accommodation, an experienced sales representative will be happy to provide you with information on lodging that meets your satisfaction.

Golf Competition 

How about using our semi-salon bus to announce the results of the competition on-board and have small reception? Of course, we can arrange golf course reservations.

Ceremonial Occasions 

We offer service even for a short period of time and one-way transport to the desired destination is possible.

Transport to station / airport

Event transport

For customers who are thinking about starting a school bus service or customers who are already using our services and would like a new estimate:

For customers who are using a company vehicle and would like to change to a privately-owned one or vice versa:

School bus operation method

Chartered sightseeing bus use

The number of buses required and the desired day of service can be reserved in as little as a day in advance. Short term use is also possible.

How to make a contract for a dedicated vehicle:

This is the method to make a long-term charter contract as a customer’s exclusive vehicle. It is also possible to repaint the vehicle to the desired design.

Private-owned vehicle use:

This is a method of operating a school bus using a vehicle owned by a customer or that is newly purchased. We will take responsibility for vehicle operation management at our company. It will be operated by our crew, and we will take care of all maintenance including inspection, cleaning and daily maintenance of the vehicle, as well as handling the event of an accident. For vehicle purchases, we can place orders according to your wishes.

Corporate employee pick-up bus:

For use as a private bus for the company, such as a transport between the station and the company, or as a connection service to branches.

The contents of the contract will also be in accordance with the customer’s wishes, from on the spot pick-up to an annual contract.

You can also use your own vehicle.

Hotel-exclusive Bus 

We operate exclusive buses for hotels.

Pick-up for hotel customers and employees.

It can also be used for pick-ups such as receptions.

Vehicle design as per customer request.