Shamijima Island

A unique vantage point for viewing the Seto Ohashi Bridge

Brief Introduction

Shamijima is a former island that is now a peninsula, as it was connected to the Sakaide City mainland in 1967 as the result of a land reclamation project. Known as a unique vantage point for viewing the Seto Ohashi Bridge, it is the site of the Kagawa Prefectural Higashiyama Kaii Setouchi Art Museum.

This museum, which is dedicated to the Western/Japanese fusion painter and Kagawa native, Higashiyama Kaii, is perhaps the focal point of Shamijima. It also is a participant in the Setouchi Triennial Art Exhibition.

There is a swimming beach that is enjoyed by many in the summer, where based on artifacts that have been unearthed, there has been human activity since the prehistoric Jomon period.
Adjacent to Shamijima is the Seto Ohashi Bridge Memorial Park, which is a lovely expanse of play areas and activity sites that also happens to be home to the first Michi-no-Eki (Road Station-rest area/cultural center/market) in Kagawa Prefecture.