Sakaide City

The gateway to Shikoku

Brief Introduction

Sakaide is an industrial city located in Kagawa Prefecture and is where the Great Seto Bridge reaches land. In fact, it is home to a museum that commemorates the construction of the bridge, that since 1988, has transformed the city into the main gateway to Shikoku.

While the view of the Great Seto Bridge from the area near its base is impressive, there is a wide range of things to see and do in Sakaide City.

Kagawa Prefecture Higashiyama Kaii Setouchi Museum of Fine Art

Dedicated to the art of the great 20th century painter and writer Kaii Higashiyama, the museum also holds regular themed exhibitions of selected works by the artist.

Other amenities of the museum include a cafe with outdoor seating that faces the wide expanse of the Seto Inland Sea and a gift shop where you can purchase prints of Higashiyama’s creations.

Shiromine Temple

Temple 81 on the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage, Shiromine is associated with the Shingon school of Buddhism and holds the thousand-armed Goddess of Mercy as its object of worship.

The Seto Ohashi Memorial Museum

Learn about the history of this remarkable feat of engineering through interactive 3-D video displays. View the bridge from the observation deck and pick up a local souvenir from the gift shop. Admission is free!

The Seto Ohashi Memorial Park

The memorial park is where the museum is located and also has open spaces for sports and other outdoor activities.

The Kamada Kyousaikai Kyoudo Museum

The Kamada Museum is a repository of documents and artifacts relating to the history of the region.

The Great Seto Bridge Tower

The Bridge Tower is located in the Seto Ohashi Memorial Park and a offers a 360 degree view of both the land and the sea from a maximum elevation of 108 meters.

Tenno Temple

Tenno Temple is number 79 on the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage and is part of the Shingon sect of Buddhism. The temple’ s object of worship is the Eleven Faced Goddess of Mercy.


Goshikidai is a viewing platform in the Seto Bridge Memorial Park from which you can take in the Seto Inland Sea from every direction.

Access: Take the Seto Ohashi Line from JR Okayama Station to JR Sakaide Station (1630 JPY).