Megijima Island

A land of art and legends

Brief Introduction

This sparsely populated island just a few kilometers of the coast of Takamatsu City’s mainland is is said to be one of the possible locations of Oni-ga-shima, the legendary island of the tale of Momotaro. In fact, caves have been marked as the likely former lair of the demons that were vanquished by the local hero.

Besides the  legend of Momotaro, the island is home to two quaint rustic villages that seem to be largely untouched by time. One noteworthy change has been the island’s inclusion in the Setouchi Triennial International Art Festival. This event has quite suddenly placed Megijima on the world map as a destination for contemporary art.

There are lots of things to experience on Megijima Island apart from its array of unique art installations. For starters, it is simply a treat to walk around the island, down its narrow paths and zig-zag your way through the twisty lanes lined with traditional homes that seem to hug the mountainside.

There is a campsite near the coastline if you want to experience life in the great outdoors of the Seto Inland Sea and a swimming beach if you happen to arrive during the summer months.

Stop in at the visitor’s center near the ferry port, where you can get information, rent a bicycle and have a bite to eat at its quaint eatery.There’s a brilliantly rusty bus that runs from the port to the Oni-ga-shima (Demon’s Cave), where the demons of the Momotaro legend are said to have lived.

Not to ruin the surprise,but there’s a giant Moai statue on Megijima. However, given how striking the art on the island is, it would actually be surprising if there weren’t a giant Moai statue on the island.

Access: Take the Marine Liner from JR Okayama Station to JR Takamatsu Station. Walk for about 5 minutes to Takamatsu Port. Take a 20 minute Ferry ride from Takamatsu Port to Megijima Island Port.