Higashi Kagawa City

One of the sweetest towns in Shikoku

Brief Introduction

Located at the eastern end of Kagawa Prefecture, Higashikagawa City has a decidedly rural flair. It is a place where the residents themselves are the most valuable resource.The city is home to farmers of all sorts and all manner of artisan.

One of the city’s most widely known products is wasabon. This traditional Japanese candy is handmade from high quality refined sugar in a multi-staged process that results in a delicious delicacy that comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

You can find a wasabon shop is the Hiketa district of Higashi Kagawa City. This Edo and Meiji era collection of noble and merchant houses is an attractive spot for a stroll. The combination of white latticework and the reddish bengara pigment used on some of the structures is an uncommon site in the region.

The interesting thing about Higashi Kagawa City is that local residents invite you to experience making the products that are dear to their hearts. Try your hand at leather crafting or wasabon making or fishing in one of the local ponds and eating your catch. Actually, the list goes on and on; from pizza to accessories, they like to use their hands in Higashi Kagawa City!

One of the stand-out attractions of the city is the Shirotori Zoo, which is home to several species of endangered and exotic animals, including elephants, lions and a rare white tiger.

Visit family-friendly Toramaru Park, which includes Toramaru Puppet Land and Theater Museum. You can experience being a puppeteer and learn about the various forms of this craft. The museum has a cafeteria and a shop so you can easily spend the day here enjoying the indoor and outdoor facilities.

Access: Take the Seto Ohashi Line from JR Okayama Station to JR Takamatsu Station. Transfer to the Koutoku Line. Take the Koutouku Line to Sanukishirotori Station (2710 JPY).