Awashima Island

Awashima Island looks like an inkblot test

Brief Introduction

Located off the coast of western Kagawa Prefecture, when viewed from above, Awashima Island looks like an inkblot test. While it may be true that no two islands in the world are exactly alike, this island has one of the most interesting shapes that you are ever likely to see.

Awashima has been inhabited since prehistoric times, which is something that you will find about many coastal islands. Ancient people seem to have had a preference for islands and mainland mountaintops for their settlements. Perhaps they found some extra sense of security in these areas.

When exploring the island on foot or by rental bicycle, you get a definite sense of Taisho era (1912-1926) nostalgia as there are several buildings which now serve as archives from that period of Japanese history.
Currently, Awashima is a participant in the Setouchi Triennial Art Exhibition and has some interesting installations, including the eerie Houryu Yubinkyoku (Missing Post Office).