Ikasa Bus


Ikasa Bus Company is a Kasaoka City based subsidiary of Ryobi Group that operates city buses and offers charter services.

City Buses

Departure from Kasaoka Station 

Departure from Fukuyama Station 

Charter Buses

Possible ways to use Ikasa private buses and shuttle buses.

Sightseeing (tours such as day trips, accommodation trips, tours)
・ Group tour charter bus ・ School excursion
・ Employee trips, training trips ・ Local community trips
・ Guided tour ・ Shop tour
・ Regional Club Travel ・ Group Mountaineering

Pick-up and drop-off
-Party charter bus-Golf transport
・ Pick-up for ceremonial occasions・ Pick-up for seminar / club camp
・ Inspection transport・ Youth sports camp transport
・ Boy scout camp transport
・ Private bus for factory tour / training

Service available area (departure point)

Within Hiroshima Prefecture
Within Okayama Prefecture  (Any destination within Japan is possible)