Okunoshima Island

An island where rabbits run freely awaiting visitors

Brief Introduction

Sometimes wonderful places are born from an unfortunate history and Okunoshima, popularly known as “Rabbit Island” is a good example of this. This small piece of land just off the coast of Hiroshima Prefecture that was once the home of a few modest fishing families was converted into a protected island factory charged with producing chemical weapons during WWII.  Today’s Okunoshima has emerged from that negativity to become a place where people from across the globe come for a bit of relaxation.

The appeal of Okunoshima comes largely from the presence of countless protected rabbits that run free around the island. There is a debate about where the rabbits originate from but what is clear is that they were brought there, eventually released and have since multiplied exponentially. Apparently, they are quite used to people so it is not usual to see someone surrounded by dozens of this quintessentially cute animal. Okunoshima has also put itself on the map by offering comfortable accommodation as well as camping and hot springs in the form of the Kyukamura resort.  Plan your journey according to the kind of overnight experience you are after but most of all take the time to explore Rabbit Island.

Access: Exit Tadanoumi Station on the Kure Line and walk about 5-6 minutes to Tadanoumi Port. Take an approximately 15 minute ferry ride to Okunoshima.