"Miyajima island is a quintessentially Japanese destination."

Brief Introduction

Miyajima is one of the three most scenic spots in Japan. Although there are many things to do and see on Miyajima island, the main structures that visitors flock to see are Itsukushijima Shrine and the Otorii gate. Known as “The Floating Shrine”, Itsukushijima Shrine greets visitors arriving by ferry with a view of her graceful lines and bold vermillion form which seem to float above the water in the bay. Many parts of the shrine are National Treasures or Important Cultural Properties. However, even non-history buffs will appreciate the beauty and significance of the shrine.

Otorii gate is built in the bay, so if the tide is low visitors can walk out and touch it, but when the tide is high the gate appears to rise from the sea.

Miyajima is well known for its fresh oysters, and well as momiji -manju, a small cake-like snack filled with sweet bean paste, custard, chocolate cream, or a variety of other fillings. Souvenir shops and small cafes and restaurants are plentiful and are a fun and relaxing way to spend a few hours.

Wildlife is readily visible on the island and includes deer, which are quite tame and will approach visitors in quest of treats; monkeys; and raccoon-dogs (tanuki)

Miyajima island is a quintessentially Japanese destination and is a must-see for visitors to West Japan.