Hiroshima City

"Hiroshima is a must-visit beautiful city-on-the-bay."

Brief Introduction

With a population of around 1,840,000 people, Hiroshima is the 6th largest city in Japan. And it feels like a big city too, with a well-developed transportation infrastructure including trains & bullet trains, buses, street cars, and taxis. Having been rebuilt after the atomic bombing at the end of World War II, the city is laid out on a grid system and is fairly easy to navigate.

Most visitors to this amazing city put the Peace Park at the top of their list of places to visit, and rightfully so. The park is a stunningly beautiful and poignant collection of monuments to a period of history that resonates strongly around the world. It is easy to spend hours there, exploring and reflecting.

Along with the Hiroshima Peace Park and the Atomic Bomb Dome, popular attractions include the Hiroshima Museum of Art, which has a large collection of French Renaissance art; Hiroshima castle, which was rebuilt after the war; Shukkei-en, a beautiful traditional garden in the heart of the city; and the Hiroshima International Animation Festival. Baseball aficionados can also enjoy home games of the city’s team, the Hiroshima Carp.

Hiroshima is famous throughout the country for its delicious okonomiyaki, which is best described as a savory pancake filled with noodles, sliced pork or beef, shredded cabbage, fried egg, and topped with a rich sauce; it is usually cooked at-table for ultimate freshness. Hiroshima oysters and fresh seafood are also well-known delicacies of the area.

Recently, two varieties of Chinese-style noodles have become popular on the gourmet scene: Hiroshima Tsukemen, which are noodles topped with steamed cabbage and slices of pork and served with a dipping sauce, and Hiroshima Shirunashi Tantan-men, which is a soup-less noodle dish cooked in a spicy chili oil and a Japanese herb known as hanasansho, and topped with a mound of sliced green onions.

Hiroshima is a must-visit city and has something to please everyone, so make sure to include this beautiful city-on-the-bay in your travel itinerary.