Fukuyama Ryobi Taxi


Fukuyama Ryobi Taxi provides taxi service to Fukuyama City and its vicinity.

「JapanTaxi」Smartphone App

With an intuitive operation unique to smartphones and a GPS function, this application allows you to easily call a vehicle near your location from over 20,000 taxis from companies nationwide. The smartphone app “JapanTaxi” is a partnership of taxi companies across the country,  with 112 taxi operators covering all 47 prefectures.

Regular-sized Taxi

Passenger capacity up to 4 people/Spacious trunk/ LED lamp to prevent door opening and closing accidents.

Mid-sized Taxi

The mid-sized taxi has a black exterior which is suitable for ceremonial occasions and is slightly larger than the regular-sized model. Passenger capacity up to 5 people/ Spacious trunk/LED lamp to prevent door opening and closing accidents.

Jumbo Taxi

The jumbo taxi has a passenger capacity of up to 9 people and some vehicles are equipped with a cooler box.

Taxi Fare Search

This is a free service that allows you to calculate the taxi fare amount by specifying you boarding and departure location. You can search by address, station or  facility name and you can also specify a boarding area on the map. The route used for the search can be displayed and confirmed on a map (Google Map). You can also choose whether to use the highway and whether to include a late night surcharge.

Dispatch System

At Fukuyama Ryobi Taxi Company, our radio dispatch system serves 60 percent of our customers. Consider us for daily transport, sightseeing, ceremonial occasions and as a customer shuttle. This system can be used to determine taxi location in real time for super quick dispatch.

Vehicle allocation registration service

We have implemented a rapid vehicle allocation system by utilizing a number display service. When a customer’s phone number is received by dispatch, it is matched against a database and the customer’s name and address are displayed on the phone operator’s display. At the same time, the GPS navigation system will locate the nearest available taxi.

Registration Service

Customer registration form

Pre-registration enables faster dispatch. There is no need to provide your telephone number and pick-up address. Priority is given to registered customers.

Note:Registration is only in our service area (Fukuyama city)

Designated Driver

Why a designated driver?

This is a service that ensures that you reach your destination safely when you cannot drive your own car car due to drinking or other reasons.