A great little cafe on Shodoshima Island

cafe de MeiPAM

A great little cafe on Shodoshima Island

ABOUT this cafe

‘cafe de MeiPAM’ is a great little cafe that is part of the MeiPAM art facility on Shodoshima Island. The cafe is located just in front of gallery #1 of the main MeiPAM complex, and features drinks, food selections, and desserts that incorporate the best of the region’s locally produced and harvested ingredients. The menu changes seasonally, but some recommended selections include the Sweet-and-Spicy Chicken Sandwich, the Vegetable Sandwich, the Island Curry, and the Island Vegetable Soup Pasta Set. Drinks include original items such as olive tea and fruit drinks featuring citrus fruits of the Setouchi area; coffee, cafe au lait, sodas are also available. For dessert, enjoy a creme brulee, which is a perennial favorite with guests. Other dessert include scones, pound cake, and ice cream.

Most of the vegetables used at the cafe are sourced from HOMEMAKERS, a farming family on the island who grow organic vegetables; because the vegetables are locally grown and have a short travel time from producer to shop, they are always extremely fresh.

The cafe also features a book corner, which houses about 100 books selected by Takao Asano, president and curator at Saudade Books. The books cover a range of genres. The books may be enjoyed in-cafe or may be purchased.

Be sure to check out this great little cafe when you visit Shodoshima Island.


The second largest island in the Seto Inland Sea, Shodoshima belongs to Kagawa Prefecture, but is easily accessible from ferries running from Okayama Prefecture as well.

Shodoshima boasts several nice beaches, hot spring resorts, and beautiful coastal scenery on the exterior of the island, with a mountainous interior. Some of the sights on the interior of the island include the famous Olive Park, Kankakei Gorge and ropeway, and a monkey park.

Gourmands will enjoy touring a soy sauce museum to learn about the 400-year-old tradition of making soy products on the island. Sesame seed oil and olive products are also well-known items from the region. Popular sightseeing destinations on the exterior of the island include a soy sauce factory, and Angel Road, a sandbar that visitors can walk along at low tide to reach a small island (see SmartTour code SM-KAG-010).

Shodoshima is part of the Setouchi International Art Triennale; as such, several permanent installations of contemporary art are on view to visitors. The artwork creates a wonderful contrast between the modern and the traditional as well as the natural and man-made.