Oyster Festival in Bizen City

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Photo source | Okayama Prefecture Facebook Page
Bizen City

Gomi-no-Ichi is a large seafood market situated in the center of the action along Hinase Port. A gigantic warehouse-like structure, there are so many varieties of living sea creatures on display that at time s it seems more like an aquarium than a fish market.

The Hinase Oyster Festival or Kaki Matsuri is held every February in and around the Hinase “Gomi-no-Ichi” fish market and is organized by the local fishing cooperative. Some of the oyster-based dishes for sale include fried battered oysters, oyster “okonomiyaki” (a Japanese-style savory pancake), and oysters with noodles.

Location: Hinase “Gomi-no-Ichi” Fish Market

Access: Take the JR Ako Line from JR Okayama Station to JR Hinase Station. It is about a 10 minute walk to the market from JR Hinase Station.

About Bizen City

Bizen City is located in the southeastern part of Okayama Prefecture on the border with Hyogo Prefecture. A rural city with three distinct districts, there are many places to explore and new experiences awaiting you in this culturally diverse section of Okayama.

Yoshinaga Town is famous for Shizutani School, which was the first public school in Japan. There you can enjoy a stroll on the pristine grounds of this groundbreaking learning institution.

Hinase is a traditional fishing town with a village-like atmosphere that is full of close-knit and friendly residents. Explore the islands of the Hinase Archipelago by convenient commuter ferry. You can even drive to a few of the offshore islands as there are several bridges that connect them to the mainland.

The center of the city is Bizen itself, and there you will find the heart of Okayama Prefecture’s Bizenyaki pottery world. The number of galleries and ateliers that are located in this area are almost too many to count and they are all unique because they represent particular families their traditions.

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