Eastern Airport Taxi


Part of Ryobi Group, Eastern Airport Motors is the only hire taxi operator with a sales office at Haneda Airport. The company specializes in transportation for airlines and related companies.

About our Vehicles 

Same day vehicle reservation is possible. Special vehicles are available through advanced reservation (separate fee required) However, as the number of units is limited, it may not be possible to fulfil your request.


Crown / G package ■ Riding capacity (customers) 4 (recommended capacity 3) ■ Main equipment: Rear seat center armrest/ Reading light “virus washer” (manufactured by SANYO) It is our main vehicle and has been well received by our clients.

CROWN Royal Saloon

New Zero Crown ■ Passenger capacity (customers) 4 (recommended capacity 3) ■ Main equipment: Rear reclining seat /Rear seat center armrest/ Rear seat air conditioning/ Reading light “virus washer” (manufactured by SANYO) ■ Quiet and spacious, this is a popular vehicle that has been well received for the level of comfort it provides on long journeys.


Lexus LS600 Hybrid ■ Passenger capacity (customers) 4 (recommended capacity 3 people) ■ Main equipment Rear seat reclining seat /Rear seat center armrest /Rear seat air conditioning /Genuine leather seat/ Rear seat entertainment system/ Reading light ■ Lexus flagship  model Premium class.


Hi-ace ■ Passenger capacity (customers) 9 people (recommended capacity 8 people) ■ Main equipment: Rear-seat dedicated air conditioner/ “virus washer” (manufactured by SANYO) ■ Suitable for multiple passenger/ spacious interior and luggage compartment.


Elgrand ■ Passenger capacity (customers) 6 people (recommended capacity 5 people) ■ Main equipment: Rear seat walk-through/ Rear seat air conditioning/ Genuine leather seats/ “virus washer”  (manufactured by SANYO) You can also load your luggage.

Payment Method 

Credit cards and taxi tickets are accepted in addition to cash payment. * If you use a credit card, please inform us when making a reservation. Credit cards Available from Aoyama Capital and Okayama Taxi Kogyo tickets are also accepted.