Chugoku Bus



Chugoku Bus is a subsidiary of Ryobi Group which operates city bus lines in eastern Hiroshima Prefecture, long distance bus routes and provides charter services.

Highway Buses 

Miyoshi~Fukuyama Line (Kinsai Liner)

[Hiroshima~Fukuyama] Rose Liner

Highway Bus Schedule Guidelines

From Highway Bus Reservation to Ticketing

Point Card

Purchasing Tickets from Convenience Stores

Kanabe・Ibara・Kasaoka・Satosho~Osaka (Kabutogani Bus)

Hiroshima・Fukuyama~Tokyo( Tokyo Dome Hotel・Osaki Station(Shinagawa)(Dream Sleeper Bus)

Mihara・Onomichi・Fuchu・Fukuyama~Shinjuku(Etoile Seto Bus)

Hiroshima・Fukuyama~Machida ・Yokohama (Maple・Harbor)

Onomichi・Fuchu・Fukuyama~Osaka (Bingo Liner)

Fukuyama~Imabari (Shimanami Liner)

Fukuyama~Kyoto (Miyako Liner)

Onomichi・Fuchu・Fukyama~Kobe(Kobe Liner)

Fukuyama・Onomichi~Matsuyama (Kirara Express)

Miyoshi~Shin Osaka (Miyoshi Wine Liner)

Fukuyama・Hiroshima~Hakata (Hirofuku Liner)

About the Hirofuku Liner 10% web discount

Fukuyama~Innoshima・Habu Port (Citrus Liner)

Kozan ・Konu~Hiroshima (Peace Liner)

Sera Flower Garden Sightseeing Bus

Hiroshima Airport (Airport Limousine)

Fuchu・Heisei University ~Hiroshima (Reed Liner)

Onomichi・Innoshima~Hiroshima (Flower Liner)

Road Buses

Mawa Rose (Central route)

Mawa Rose (Blue route)

Charter Buses

Sightseeing(Day trip/ Overnight trip/ Educational excursions)

Group travel charters

School picnics

Company trips/ Educational trips

Community trips

Senior Citizen trips

Shopping Trips

Community club trips

Group mountain climbing/Vacation charters


Pick-up/Drop-off Service

Golf Pick-up and Drop-off

Party Charters


Seminars/Club overnight trips

Business inspection trips

Youth Sports Competition Overnight trips

Boys Scout overnight trips

Club/ Training trip charters

Factory tours/ research trip charters

Service coverage area(Departure districts)

All regions of Hiroshima Prefecture

Parts of Okayama Prefecture(Kasaoka City, Ibara City, Takahashi City, Asakuchi City)

※Destinations are nationwide.

About the Charter Bus

Equipped with restroom

Hino Motocars  SELEGA HI-DECKER 38-seater 9 auxilliary seats(total:47)