Asakuchi Taxi


Asakuchi Taxi is Ryobi company that serves Tamashima, Mizushima, Funao and districts in the vicinity of Shin-Kurashiki Station.


Servicing the Tamashima, Mizushima, Funao of Kurashiki City as well as the area in the vicinity of Shin Kurashiki Station we always strive to be safe, secure, eco-friendly and comfortable. Asakuchi Taxi operates more than 80% of its transport service by radio dispatch. Common usage includes daily business commuting, sightseeing, ceremonial occasions, and customer transport. NTT’s number display service and GPS dispatch system verifies  the position of the taxi by satellite and dispatches a nearby vehicle.

GPS Dispatch System

The GPS dispatch system tracks the location of a taxi in real time, allowing for rapid dispatch. Customer information and location are instantly displayed upon receiving a call. This makes efficient vehicle allocation possible.

About the NTT Number Display Service

Try the quick dispatch system!

Once you register, you do not need to provide your address. You can also register your mobile phone! (Please press “186” first to register your phone number.)

The NTT Number Display Service is a service that instantly captures your address when we receive your call. If you are already registered, you will be verified instantly and we will dispatch the nearest car to your address.

When a call is received from a customer,  the phone number is automatically matched against our database, with the customer’s name and address displayed on the telephone operator’s display. At the same time, the GPS vehicle allocation system displays the customer’s location on a digital map and the location of the nearest taxi, including the vehicle status, after which the optimal vehicle is dispatched.

Jumbo Taxi

Possible reasons for hiring a jumbo taxi:

You do not need a chartered bus but you want to share a vehicle.

You want to relax and be guided by a driver.

You want to travel around your destination efficiently and comfortably.

*Seating capacity:9

* Use for the transportation of luggage is not possible due to legal restrictions.