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fruit picking tour

Fruit Picking Tour at Fruitopia

Pick and eat delicious fruit of the season

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Shimanami Bridgeline Cycling

Cycle across the Seto Inland Sea on the Shimanami Bridgeline

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Okayama Gourmet Bar Hop


Bar Hop participant with takoyaki and green beer

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cruise tour

Cruise Tour on Asuka II to Nagasaki

Special chartered cruise to Nagasaki & Kamijoto on Asuka II

Shop West Japan

SHOP WEST JAPAN brings selected products from the nine prefectures. They represent old traditions and new technology combined to give you a unique range of products that can be shipped to most countries in the world. All products are made in West Japan.


japanese inn

Hakkei Spa & Inn

Enjoy a peaceful stay in a town flowing with hot springs

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The main shrine

Saijo Inari Shrine

Dedicated to the god of fertility and wealth.

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Shopping Spots

Okayama's best kept secret for fresh fish and vegetables

Oka Biru Market

“Okayama’s Kitchen” fish & vegetable market

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